Child traffiking ! How many more children have to die under this goverment !!!! I call for demonstrations world wide ! Together we will get back our children everywhere at the same day! Write me

To those affected and those who will be affected ,

this topic concerns us all ! Dont look away anymore ! I call for action to end this horror trough unity.we are the majority ! children are taken away from their loving familys with the explination the parents would be  mentally ill ,violent ,drug addicted , there would be big child welfare danger . All of these are lies and excuses from psycopatic child protective services , courts ,the police etc. in a word the goverment. Based on my own experiences you will see as well as in the cases of millions of other affected people how corrupt this world has become and how icecold robots murder us psychologicaly . OUR CHILDREN ,our familys ourselves , simply everybody ! WE WONT PUT UP WITH THIS !!!!!!!!! Dont let the goverment controll you and take away your discrete thinking! We are not dump ! Think for yourselfand you will see the lies! If the goverment abuses our children we will abuse the goverment!!!!!!!!!! . We wont allow this anymore. We have to fight back!Our children want to come home but they snatches them from us more and more ! We fight for our rights this is unhuman our children have rights ! If somebody tells you diffrent that person has no heart and is gulty for giving this system more and more power to steal our children from us !. They sedate our children with medicaments they lock them away battered/sexualy abuse is them and put them on food deprivation because they ask for there familys. Our children say crying and screaming that they want to go home that they are afraid and then they take away the children rightly so and when children need help they do not help ! resistance is our right ! If not now when then ! we must not stand by and look what happens here we must act our children suffer. stand up and use your individual skills we finally want freedom

if you want more just google  or ask acquaintances this case is serious i wasinsulted as unserious or alerting confused etc but please see for yourselfs this is Alerting !!!! I love my child and i will do anythink to end this!This assessment method is very common in child trafficking . I ask you for help we have to do something and not allow this to happen to innocents ! Togheter we can change something ! Help us together we will get back our children. The government things our children belong to him but against an angry crowd they can not to anything. Do you still want to watch how children are taken and millions(through tax money child trafficking) are made or the children get neglect or even die ? We have rights we are human and not numbers! WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of us against these illegal youth welfare offices against these illegal corrupts. Please help ! If we all hold together we will achieve something unimaginablebig but cohesion is what counts.Write me and together we will get back our rights because this small mass (the government/politicians) can not do anything against us !Something has to be done immidiadly!!!!!!Do not be afraid together we are strong but alone we have to be afraid and mourn over our children and much more. Do something before something is done agaist you! I send you much power and bravery and positivity. Let us together rescue our children within the next days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we do something now we will not see them again do it because you love and you were loved. Write me and we will get back our children because the child welfare office is illegal our children want to come home the child welfare office is no public authority these people act in pure evil without thinking ones about our children and that they need us and how they destroy them !!!! Please help


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